The New Wavewalker Pedaling Kayak

the coolest cycling - the best boating

Enjoy the new sport of cycling on water!
scenic touring - fitness training - competition - family recreation - sport fishing
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   Pedal on Minnesota's beautiful lakes and rivers!

To print brochure on the Twin City Wavewalker Club
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   Water cycle on North America's most scenic lakes!

To print brochure on the Wavewalker
pedaling kayak click here

My favorite type of cycling!

"I've had the opportunity to pedal the new Wavewalker on most major lakes and rivers across the northern US from

the Pacific Ocean near Seattle, Washington, to the mighty Mississippi River on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border.

The word that best describes this experience is unbelievable! As a long-time bicyclist and bicycle tour promoter,

I have to admit that cycling on water is by far my favorite type of cycling and also my favorite type of boating! Where

else do you get to enjoy two sports in one? The Wavewalker is the fastest pedal-driven watercraft on the market today!

To this date I have never capsized, even when I was pedaling in lakes and rivers with large waves and swift currents.

At a time when mankind is destroying many of the home sanctuaries for fauna and flora, I feel it is essential to get away

from our man-made home sanctuaries and fuel-powered water recreational vehicles to spend time in nature's water

sanctuaries to connect with our real home – planet Earth. The Wavewalker pedaling kayak can be your connection."

Don Haugo, Wavewalker Minnesota

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